Photography by Andreas Øverland
- Oslo / London / Frankfurt

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My brother christian and I had a project for time where we would try to create some cool mafia-themed photos. This one actually recently got used for a book cover. Check it the final look on Amazon

This is the Norwegian band Briskeby. Again, my friend Kristoffer and I was doing the shoot together. My dad knew someone working at this hotel with a great view of the sunset over Oslo and Akershus Festning. I was doing some shoots for a student magazine, and that's how I got to do this one. Kristoffer and I had been given the main suite. A really nice room with a fireplace, separate bedroom, a great balcony and a big living room. The staff even brought us coffee and something to eat during the shoot. The band was super happy with the shots, and said they wished they hadn't already done the cover shots for their upcoming CD/Album. A few months later, at a party, I met another Norwegian pop star, Mariann from Surferrosa. Her band was featured in the same edition of the magazine as Briskeby. I told her I had seen her in the paper, and complemented her on the cool pictures. Then she said "Well, I wish we had the photographer that took the pictures for Birskeby, they were really great!" What could I say! I tried saying something like "Well, actually I am that very photographer". But it came out as "YOU KNOW! AAMM DAT PHOGGRRPPHERRHAHHAHA". Seeing as I was quite drunk at the time, I didn't come across as truthful, and she said "Yeah right. Now please go somewhere else, I have to set up my DJ stuff here".. And so I walked away, with the best unintended complement ever for a set of photos :D