Photography by Andreas Øverland
- Oslo / London / Frankfurt

63 photos tagged with : tilt and shift

It is shot in glaring sunlight, but it still looks dark and eery. This photos hangs in our living room, printed on aluminium at 2.5x1 meters. This is stitched together from three exposures, shot with a tilt & shift lense. I memory serves me correctly, it was the 24mm Canon Tilt&Shift.

The Elf. This was shot in November. It was cold. Just before the first bits of snow hit the ground, but Tina took one for the team and posed without complaining. I was using a special Tilt&Shift lens, which requires a bit of fiddling, and only has manual focus, so posing and shoot took longer than a normal. This particular photos has an exposure of 3 seconds.